DeuS Fight works with youth ministries and women's groups at local churches and schools to teach fun self-defense based seminars and workshops for free. We call this our "Witness Protection Program" since we are working with those who "Witness" their faith. These seminars are not only engaging, but they help build confidence and promote respect. With the rise of bullying both in person and online, self confidence is a critical factor in any child's life. But, this goes even further and can be carried forward throughout a person's life. Confidence is a proven critical factor in developing our youth into citizens who stand for something more than themselves and live a life that is both responsible and meaningful.

Our seminars are structured in a few different ways to maximize what our students get out of it. It can be a simple one-hour seminar or it can be broken up into a 3-part series. For women, they are specifically catered around practical techniques that they can use in real life situations. Since we partner with local Christian academies to provide these services, they are available all over the US. If you have an interest in having a seminar done at your church or school or if you are an academy who would like to participate in this ministry, please email us at:

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