Why Does this Matter?

Martial arts and Christianity share common values and reinforce each other. 


Impact on the Community

The favelas in Brazil are not only notorious for their high crime rates and drug trafficking, but the people who live there are some of the poorest people on the planet. Jiu Jitsu is a wonderful art that is having a direct impact on the future of children who grow up in these communities. Many of them don't have parents, food, or even clothing. Academies are not only giving back, but in many cases, their professors were once given the opportunity by someone themselves.


Impact on the Youth

There are numerous studies on the impact martial arts has on children and teens. Integrity, honesty, ethics, strength, character, and purpose are all core values shared by each of the various disciplines. Martial arts builds confidence, promotes self-respect, and respect for others, which helps children handle difficult situations like bullying, but also lasts a lifetime. While not definitive, there are even studies that link martial arts to success.


Why a Faith-Based Brand?

Life is a difficult journey that we are all on together. We all struggle daily; it is a shared human condition. This is because we live in a broken world. We know this as each of us has his or her own story. But, we know HIS story. That is Good News. Christ came, died for us, and opened the door for us to have a relationship with God. So, despite our struggles and failings we know that there is a greater purpose for us here. 

There are many influences around us like music and TV that are desensitizing us and will eventually compromise our beliefs. Among these are even some brands that promote a “self” based lifestyle. Not all do, of course. But, we wanted something different. DeuS Fight is a brand that runs counter to all of this. The paradox of our belief is that God makes us strong through our weakness and our failures. When we are submitted and tap out in Jiu Jitsu we grow and learn; it’s no different off the mat. It takes almost 10 years to become a Black Belt in Jiu Jitsu. that’s a lot of tapping. We must submit to God as well. Let him fight the fight with us and often times for us. Not just for 10 years either, but for our entire life. Have faith. We embody that very paradox in our brand. Deus Fight or God’s Fight. Throughout the Bible God used everyday people who made mistakes to do extraordinary things. These are not weak people, but people who had weaknesses. People like all of us, people who struggled, people who made mistakes. Moses stuttered and was afraid to speak in front of people, Paul jailed and even killed many of the first Christians, Peter denied he knew Jesus even after being with him for 3 years and seeing him raise the dead. The list goes on.


DeuS Fight is a brand that is an expression and celebration of this. Each product has motivational verses that remind and encourage us daily.


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