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This is our amazing Bartimaeus Gi. Otherwise known as our Blind Samurai Gi. It is grey in color with white and black stitching. Because the blind can only see in shades of black and grey we adopted this color pattern. This Gi is in support of our brother Hamir's program in the Philippines.

Who is Bartimaues? The earliest version is in the Gospel of Mark (10:46-52) which tells of the cure of a blind beggar named Bartimaeus (literally "Son of Timaeus", one of the few recipients of healing who are given names). As Jesus is leaving Jericho with his followers, Bartimaeus calls out: 'Son of David, have mercy on me!' and persists even though the crowd tries to silence him. Jesus has them bring the man to him and asks what he wants; he asks to be able to see again. Jesus tells him that his faith has cured him; he immediately regains his sight and follows Jesus.

Apart from telling a miracle story that shows the power of Jesus, the author of the Gospel uses this story to advance a clearly theological purpose. It shows a character who understands who Jesus is and the proper way to respond to him - with faith. The beggar, on being called to Jesus, discards his cloak, symbolizing the leaving behind of possessions. And the use of the title, 'Son of David' - the only occasion on which this is used in the Gospel of Mark - serves to identify Jesus as the Messiah.

This is a limited edition Gi and currently available now.

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