Favela Kids Project

Working with the poorest of the poor in the Favelas of Brazil. There are a number of Academies in Brazil that are working to make a difference in the poorest areas of the country. By pulling kids off the streets and out of the Favela's using Jiu Jitsu these academies are not only saving lives, but giving kids an opportunity and hope for a better life. DeuS Fight is currently working with a number of different partners in their #Gis4aGi Program. This project is an opportunity for DeuS customers to make a difference. For every 3 products purchased, DeuS Fight donates one to these academies. DeuS also provides financial donations based on their sales, as well. This not only provides them with the equipment and supplies they need to keep their programs going, but it provides some students with the only shirt they have. For more detail go to our #FaithByWorks section on our website. VISIT

Give Back Program

We are called to give back. Part of the DeuS cause is to support local communities by volunteering time and raising awareness and donations to support them. We work with a number of different organizations who have amazing ministries that target the less fortunate, homeless, and the sick. If you visit our blog under Spirit of DeuS, you can see what we are up to. There are a number of organizations doing real work and we are blessed to participate in their ministries. As a result, we are able to make a difference in our local communities and have impact both physically and spiritually. VISIT

Witness Protection Program

Strength, Integrity, Discipline, Respect, Confidence. DeuS Fight works with youth ministries and women's groups at local churches to teach fun self defense based seminars. These seminars are not only engaging, but they help build confidence and promote respect. With the rise of bullying both in person and online, self confidence is a critical factor in any child's life. But, this goes even further and can be carried forward through out a person's life. Our seminars are structured in a few different ways to maximize what our students get out of it. It can be a simple one our seminar or it can be a 3 part series. VISIT

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