Wholesale Opportunities

Deus Fight now has a full wholesale program available. We want to support the professors and gym owners who teach us and our children the gentle art. Deus works with over 20 different gyms and academies to provide high quality adult and kid's Gi's, rashguards, shorts, and other products. Because our brand is unique, we can sit side by side with any brand you may currently have or stand alone as your preferred partner. Our wholesale pricing is industry competitive and we are super flexible. We pride ourselves on the best possible customer service. We truly want to represent the Lord in all we do.

In addition, we can also do custom Gi's, gloves, hand wraps, rash guards, spats, shirts, hoodies, etc... So your gym can enjoy the brand and quality of Deus Fight products, and be patched and/or logo'd with your academy. Our design team can work with you to ensure the product meets the vision you have for your school.

Please reach out to us, we would be honored to work with you. Our wholesale email is: Partnership@Deusfight.com

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