Healing Tyler

Tyler Ransom is a 14 year-old Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)/ Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) enthusiast and Christian who has been battling a kidney illness called Nephrotic Syndrome, since the age of 2. Specifically, Tyler’s kidneys filtering system malfunctions and causes protein to leak into his urine, as a result fluid accumulates in his eyes, stomach and legs, and prolonged leakage can cause kidney failure and potentially death.

It is not just Tyler who needs to be healed; there are many who suffer from kidney ailments. DeuS Fight has partnered with the Healing Tyler team to get help get his message out. He's an amazing young man who fights through life's challenges and represents the positive spirit we all need to have. Tyler has met and rolled with some of the great MMA and BJJ practitioners of our time. All have been very supportive of his cause.

You can get involved by sharing this link: http://www.gofundme.com/nfc2rs and or donating to his cause directly. You can also visit their website. His web site is a tool to help his parent find a way to make a difference. The are creating a platform to increased public awareness and to raise essential funds for their son's kidney syndrome, called Nephrotic Syndrome.

Specifically Tyler's kidneys filtering system malfunctions, as a result protein leaks into his urine, which causes fluid to accumulate in his body and his eyes, stomach and legs swell up. Prolonged leakage can cause kidney failure.

Here's Tyler and his sister chatting about his situation:


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