Welcome to GI's for Good (#Gis4Good), the DeuS Fight Gi exchange program. DeuS Fight has partnered with the Carley Stowell Foundation and Jammin BJJ to provide Gi's to the less fortunate right here in the US, as well as, Mexico, Brazil/South America, and Eastern Europe. The concept is quite simple, we offer you a $25 exchange voucher with the purchase of a new Gi. This voucher will be credited to your account once the Gi is received. Simply put, you buy the Gi, include the voucher in your order by adding it to your cart, ship us the Gi to the below address, we receive and inspect it, your card is credited $25. Of course, your are welcome to donate more than one Gi if you would like. At DeuS Fight we like to say we are changing the world one Gi at a time. Please make sure you include your order number in the box. We will do our best to follow up with you and let you know where the Gi was sent.

The donated Gi's need to be in the following quality and/or condition:

1. Washed and Odor Free

2. Free from tears, rips, or obvious wear that would prevent use

3. Free from vulgar or other inappropriate patches

We are looking for Adult Size A0 - A6 and Female F0 - F4.

If your Gi does not meet the above requirements it will not eligible for the $25 voucher. The voucher must be included as an item in your purchase to quality. Only 1 voucher per Gi is eligible. If your Gi does not meet the above standards it will not be returned. We apologize for this inconvenience, but do the volume of this program we simple ask you ensure it's a Gi you would use yourself before donating.

Gi Donation Address:
Deus Fight, Co.
C/O Eleets Logistics
2430 S. Grand Ave.
Santa Ana CA 92705

Click here to add the voucher to your cart now:

Thank you so much for being a part of our program! You are making a difference.

For questions please feel free to contact us at: CustomerService@DeusFight.com

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