The Baltimore Social Project

Imagine a community right in our own backyard where over 50% of the people that live there are at or below the poverty line. Well that's Park Heights, located in the inner city of Baltimore. Children in Park Heights grow up with little hope and few community resources to support them. This break down in our community support system is seen all across America and often leads to life of crime. Unfortunately, the road ahead and odds of one pulling himself/herself out from the poverty is extremely low. A pastor and his church, Recreation Church, know that with the right tools and confidence, these kids might just have a chance. Enter in martial arts, and more specifically Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Martial arts provide the discipline, challenges, and lessons needed to grow in confidence and hope. With this hope comes change. Beginning with the Summer break in June 2015, Recreation Church is partnering with DeuS Fight and one of the best Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes in the world Timothy Michael Spriggs, to offer the children in the community free lessons in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. Along with these lessons, each child will be provided with a nutritious lunch and a free Jiu-Jitsu gi (uniform).

Most recently, Mr. Spriggs competed in the Copa Podio Heavyweight tournament and did very well competing against a field that contained some of the best Black Belts in the world. Earlier this Spring, Mr. Spriggs placed third in his weight division in his first IBJJF Grand Slam gi event of the year. Last season, Mr. Spriggs won the IBJJF heavyweight division world title at the Brown Belt level, along with a third place showing in the Brown Belt Open.

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