The Baltimore Kids Social Project

As you have undoubtedly seen on the news, there is a lot going on in Baltimore these days. Economic disparity continues to grow and poverty is widespread. The children of Baltimore's inner city have little hope of ever escaping. This is a real problem that is pervasive in many of America's inner cities. With the recent events in Baltimore, the lack of quality youth programs was pushed to the forefront.

To meet this need, Pastor Vincent Dehm, Recreation Church and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt Timothy Spriggs are partnering to make a difference. Recreation Church is located in the heart of Park Heights, a forgotten neighborhood of Baltimore, MD. According to the 2010 census, 40% of children in Park Heights live below the poverty line, and only 18% of students obtain a high school diploma. Children in Park Heights grow up with little hope and few community resources; there are an absence of recreation centers and no facilities that teach martial arts.

Along with Mr. Spriggs and a team of other volunteers, they will be pulling 100 kids off the streets of Baltimore after school and during the summer to teach them key life skills like discipline, respect, courage, and hope. They will do all of this through a martial art called Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. They need your support to fund the purchase of mats for their church community center and Gi's for the kids to wear. They will also be running a free lunch program. Their future plans are to expand this concept into other communities and churches, as well.

Mission Statement

Baltimore Kids Social Project isĀ dedicated to:

  • making a difference in the streets of Baltimore
  • raising awareness that their hardships all around us and individuals can make a difference in their community
  • teaching children key life skills like discipline, respect, courage, and hope.
  • leveraging Brazilian Jiu Jitsu as way to develop and encourage America's youth

Limited Edition Gi - The Raven

This is the RavenĀ Gi! The purpose behind this Gi is to support a vision of bringing something special to the children of Baltimore's inner cities. This unique one of a kind Gi not only represents the amazing work of a pastor and a group of committed Jiu Jitsu athletes, but also supports an incredible cause designed to make a real difference in the community. Baltimore has been through a crisis and we are committed to supporting that community.

Kimono Specs:

- 450 GSM Pearl Weave
- Bottom: 10oz Rip Stop
- Collar: Black
- Contrast Trim: Purple
- Rope: Stretchy Drawstring

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