Who is DeuS?

DeuS is Portuguese for God. Genesis 1:1 No começo Deus criou os céus e a terra. We capitalize the D and S in Deus to emphasize that HE is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and Omega.

What does Fight mean?

Life is a Fight. Whether it's physical, mental, or spiritual. DeuS Fight is all about relying on God to fight for us and through us against the obstacles and challenges we meet every day. Life is not easy, but through our Faith and God's Word we are both empowered and capable of going beyond whatever we thought was possible.

So, who are we?

We are the first FAITH based fitness brand for the Mixed Martial Arts, BJJ, and Activewear market. 

Our Story

DeuS Fight grew out of inspirational stories we saw first hand where friends and family fought through incredible odds by leaning on their Faith. As Fitness and Jiu Jitsu practitioners, we realized that our Christian beliefs and ideologies were being reinforced by the things we actually learned on the mat. These included such things as: Integrity, Honesty, Respect, Ethics, Strength, Character, and Purpose.

Our Mission

  • Promote an active lifestyle by encouraging others to get involved on the mat, whether through BJJ, wrestling, lifting, yoga, or other sports.
  • Do the work off the mat, get involved in the community and support causes that have a meaningful impact.
  • Provide a positive message and give hope to those fighting through life’s struggles: Health, Relationship, and/or Spiritual.

Our Cause - #FaithByWorks

  • Make a difference in the community by providing self defense workshops to women and children that promote character and confidence through our Witness Protection Program.
  • Work to support children in the favelas in Brazil by providing financial assistance and donating much needed products and supplies through our Favela Kids Project.
  • Work with local organizations and churches to feed the homeless, care for the sick, and provide financial assistance through our Give Back Program.

Our Product

  • Develop high quality technical products that can be used for their intended purpose on the mat, whether it's BJJ, wrestling, yoga, or other sports.
  • Provide Christians with product options that best fit them, whether that is a prominent cross or a hidden quote.
  • Provide Christians with alternative apparel that promotes witnessing their faith.
  • Include verses from the Bible that both remind and inspire us to live our life with meaning and purpose.

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