Work On and Off the Mat - The Spirit of DeuS

  • DeuS Fight Sponsors wrestling tournament at Tustin High School

    Monday Jan 12 2015

    -DeuS Fight Sponsors wrestling tournament at Tustin High School- DeuS had the opportunity to participate and sponsor a 2 day event this past weekend at Tustin High School, in Tustin, CA. It was a special event because the wrestling coach for Palisades Charter High School recently lost his battle with cancer. Channel 2, 5 and 11 were all there on...

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  • Overcoming the Odds and Inspiring Others Through Jiu Jitsu

    Wednesday Dec 31 2014

    Brian Freeman was frustrated and depressed about what he had accomplished. While he was happy that he had the opportunity to serve his country in the Navy, he was not happy with where he was and what he had done to make a difference in the world. One day, he dropped to his knees and prayed to God for the opportunity to make a...

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  • Budo Releases Part 2 of Terere Rolled Up Episode

    Wednesday Dec 31 2014

    The Budo team releases the second half of their Terere video this morning. About Rolled Up: Rolled Up is on YouTube and can best be described as where BJJ meets the travel channel. There you can follow Budo Jake as he travels the world and learns and trains with some of the best Jiu Jitsu playes on the planet. Great interviews,...

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  • DeuS Fight collaborates with BudoVideos on Terere Episode of Rolled Up

    Friday Dec 26 2014

    Last month the Budo team went down to Brazil to film their 43 episode of Rolled Up. DeuS Fight had the unique opportunity to work with them. You can check out their video here or on youtube. About Rolled Up: Rolled Up is on YouTube and can best be described as where BJJ meets the travel channel. There you can follow...

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  • Deus Partners to Provide Product Giveaway For Holy Yoga Retreat

    Monday Dec 08 2014

    Last month Deus Fight had the privilege of partnering with the Holy Yoga team. We provided a wide range of products for their retreat giveaway. It was an opportunity for them to not only learn about our mission, but also enjoy some great Christian yoga product. The retreat was a huge success and although our contributions were only in product,...

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  • Donate a Jiu-Jitsu gi and help change children’s lives in Rio

    Tuesday Oct 28 2014

    Teachers at Brazil 021, a GMA academy, André “Negão” Terêncio and Hannette Staack put together a mini documentary on the team’s endeavors to help needy neighborhoods in Rio de Janeiro. “We present our schools in two communities in the Tijuca part of Rio. It’s a project we’re doing with the help of some unofficial partners and students who pay a...

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  • Long awaited DeuS Launch

    Wednesday Oct 15 2014

    The DeuS brand targets the active person who embodies living out one's faith through works not just words. Watch our DeuS Video, created in partnership with Budo Videos.    

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  • Tap Out Cancer - Grappling for a Cause

    Sunday Oct 05 2014

        How did Tap Out Cancer start? I got my wakeup call on September 17th, 2010. I was sitting at the Classy Awards in San Diego, CA, as a corporate sponsor, hearing the stories of individual sacrifice for a greater good in this world. Representatives from nonprofits around the country filled the auditorium. There were hundreds of people who...

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  • Stop Bullying Campaign - Martial Arts Builds Confidence

    Thursday Sep 18 2014

    Stumbled across a good video. Martial arts provides the right foundation for building confidence. Bullies seek out children who lack the confidence to stand tall. That does not mean fighting, rather having the confidence and conviction that you are one of God's children and you don't have to be afraid.

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