Rock Harbor Church Teams up with Jean Lima

Posted: Nov 21 2016

Pastor Brian Sumner, former pro skater, went on a mission trip with a team to Costa Rica to help spread the Good News and work in the local community. Pastor Brian is an amazing person, he is a pastor at Rock Harbor Church in Huntington Beach, CA. This area is a hot bed and epicenter for skate boarding and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Check out his site to learn more about his testimony. He is a fellow grappler and man of God.

Pastor Brian was excited about the trip to Costa Rica. Their time in Costa Rica consisted of 9 days of mission trips in Liberia. There time was broken up across a number of different mission activities. The team spent time at various schools, skate parks with kids, special needs homes and, of course, on the mat doing Jiu Jitsu. Professor Jean Lima did a free self defense seminar.

Rock Harbor Church Mission BJJ

A number of people came to the cross. He brought donated Gi's and other gear from Deus Fight to help support the BJJ portion of their mission. They loved the Gi's and were very grateful. Deus is always proud to play their part in supporting the amazing people who share the Good News.


 BJJ at the park Professor Teaching

God is doing some amazing work through Professor Lima. The below is video he did some time back. It some techniques in the park in Costa Rica.

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