Posted: Feb 01 2018


Established in 2011 Grapplethon has not only acted as a aid to various causes but has also promoted unity and awareness extending beyond the confines of the grappling mats.

WHAT IS A GRAPPLETHON :   Grapplethon  is an open mat fundraising training session where grapplers from various BJJ teams join together to train for a predetermined period of time, supporting individuals going through life struggles such as a death in the family, terminal illness, serious injury, and other burden hardships. 

Location : Team Megaton Brazilian Jiu-jitsu 
                   10433 North 32nd Street
                   Phoenix, Arizona 85028
Date:          February 18th 2018
Time:         12:00 pm- until everyone leaves


What is the Cause: 

At Grapplethon Arizona 2 we will be reuniting with an old friend of ours, Brayden Hughes and his family. Back in early 2016,  we had the honor of meeting (then)13-year-old Brayden Hughes, as the jiu-jitsu community rallied together to show support in his battle against a rare form of cancer known as Ewing’s Sarcoma. With event donations geared toward assisting with medical bills in a selfless twist that surprised many attendants at the open mat charity event, Brayden used the majority of the proceeds helping other Cancer families he met along his journey. Since “Grapplethon Arizona: Team Brayden” we have been following the Hughes family which has unfortunately led us to their current situation and purpose of this event. ………………………(story told by Brayden’s Mother: Jaclyn Hughes)

In 2017, Brayden is still living with Ewing Sarcoma. We’ve learned there are some fractures his spine has endured that are tentatively the steps in his next treatment plan. We’ve relocated to Phoenix, Arizona permanently, as my parents have retired in the valley from the Northeast, where we have found an excellent oncology team that is helping Brayden through the next phase of the bone fracture treatment. This unfortunately will see Brayden undergoing multiple surgeries in 2018. 

In addition to Brayden’s surgery and treatments, in moving to Phoenix, Brayden’s father ( Matt Hughes) has found himself in an employment pickle, suffering a massive pay cut having to start over as a rookie fire fighter after 18 years of service. This has led him down a new career path as a code compliance investigator for the city. Matt has been working seven days a week since moving to Phoenix, and still is only on about 60 % of the salary he was once earning as a lieutenant in Texas. So although the move has been a great step in being closed to our loved ones, it unfortunately has also been a huge financial shift for us all.

Price: The cost to attend will be $ 10 . However if you choose to donate more that is totally fine.  (Cash or Check Only)

Format: 6 Minute Rolls (timer style). Gi and No-Gi.  Everyone is welcome ( men, women, teens, & children.

Raffle Prizes: There will be raffle gifts at the event. Raffle prizes will be awarded after every 12 minutes (2 rolls) so everyone will received their prize during the event!!!  [ Everyone Participant gets a raffle ticket]

 In-Door entry Gift: First 30 people to show up  will receive an exclusive Grapplethon patch!!

Grand Prize: Although the price to attend the event is $ 10, we would like to show our appreciation for those that go “above and beyond” in their charitable contribution. The individual who has the largest donation will win a private lesson Megaton Black Belt Professor Cecil Burch.

For more information and updates  please visit  Grapplethon : Brayden’s Fight Facebook Event Page.

 If you have any  direct questions contact Monta Wiley or Jake Ryan at Facebook.

For those that cannot attend  if you wish to contribute please make your online donations to Hughes Family GoFundMe Page

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