Deus Works to Support Youth and Community Dynamics

Posted: Nov 28 2017

Youth and Community Dynamics

Their Mission Includes:

Urban Youth Mentorship Program:

This youth program serves kids of all backgrounds especially kids from under-resourced communities. Many kids often feel misunderstood and neglected and are being raised in environments where hope for the future is sometimes limited.  This program strives to provide the best in quality and personal attention to the needs of Urban and at-risk youth in New York City. 

·         Mentorship: Spending time kids and providing positive role models in their life

·         Leadership Training:Helping kids with job training and becoming leaders of tomorrow.

·         Hangout and Real Talk Group: a weekly event that includes games, singing, and talks, introducing kids to a positive community group and talking about real issues. 

·         Girl Power! Empowerment MMA: place and forum for Middle School and High School girls to do what they do best, be females. All too often we are told we can't do things or feel inferior because we are "girls" but through Girl Power! we show them we can fight, be tough, break the glass ceiling and still look cute. We guide them through their journey of self and empowerment through Mixed Martial Arts and Girl Talks. 

·         Martial Arts Program and Yoga: Through their martial arts and yoga program. Martial arts and Yoga have proven to help kids with academics'  behavioral improvements including decrease in violence and aggression; Emotional regulation by improving mood and decrease anxiety, and provide confidence and physical health. 

·         Camp!: Summer Camp opportunities provide inner-city youth with an opportunity to get away from their urban confines (Partnership with Young Life) 

Spiritual Growth and Formation, through our partnership with Young Life and local Church partnerships


Family Workshops and Resource Assistance

Family resilience is key to healthy family relationships. Our workshops and resource assistance program help families learn how to become a healthier family unit. Some workshops and resources assistance includes:

Parenting Workshops 

·         Understanding your teenager

·         Resume writing

·         Job Interview training

·         Single moms talk groups

·         Teen parenting workshops

·         Navigating the Public School system (gifted and talented, middle school and high school process) 

·         And more

Resource Assistance

·         Mental Health Resources Assistance

·         Medical Health Resource Assistance

·         Public School, High School and College Resource Assistance

·         And more


To learn more about Youth and Community Dynamics


Donation are needed 

As a startup, they are in need of people's generosity and are taking monetary or non monetary donations for our program. Any amount will help. 


Monetary Donations go towards (to mention a few of the many) 


1. Snacks, food and Monthly gathering outings for kids

2. Trips and After School acitivies

3.Camp trips

4. Our various programs for kids and families of the community. 

5. Uniforms and gear


 Some non monetary donations that are needed


1. Snacks for our weekly programs

2. Reams of paper for our workshop program and handouts

3. Printer Ink

4. Volunteers :) 

5. Mixed Martial Arts Gear and equiptment


To make monetary donation


To make a non-monetary donation, email them directly at


Thank you in advance for helping reach out to to the kids of the community and beyond!!!!!



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