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Posted: Nov 20 2016

The Drive-In Jiu-jitsu Social Outreach Program is in Jardim Azul, Rio de Janeiro. This is where Professor Paulo “Drive-In” Cezar teaches Jiu Jitsu to his many dedicated children who have almost nothing. It is part of a social outreach program giving athletes scholarships for attending school and maintaining good grades. 

Paulo Cezar
Professor Paulo Cezar AKA "Drive In"


Drive-In has been teaching children for free for many years. It is a difficult road to travel as funding is sparse. Like many social programs, the support for the program wanes over time as those willing to help change or move on. Paulo struggles to ensure he can keep it going because it really has done something special for his students. Giving them hope not only comes through the training environment, but he also tries to give them competition time outside of their surroundings so that they know what is possible. So, with next to nothing for financial backing year after year, Paulo continues to push forward. Paulo is an example of someone in the community who has helped many children form a better and brighter future.

Drive In BJJ

Drive-In was in the US this past week. He was staying with Professor Jose Andrade out of Carlson Gracie Paramount. Jose is an amazing Christian who's school is located in Southern California. Jose and Paulo met at a local BJJ tournament. They had met before when Jose was in Brazil many years ago. Jose helped to put together some seminars and provided him with a place to stay while he was here. Deus Fight had the opportunity to play their part. We were able provide Paulo with Gi's, Gear, and some financial support to help with his amazing program in Brazil.

Paulo is an example of someone who lives his work on and off the mat. He is a man of God and continues to do great work for those in need.

Jose and Drive In

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