Adaptive Warriors take center stage at Grappler's Heart

Posted: Jan 11 2017


Many people say that jiujitsu is for everyone, but in reality it is not. We do not mean the physical aspects needed or even age. The key thing is the will power and the heart to stay consistent.

 Grapplers talking

Last year, Deus Fight and Pasando Guardia went to sponsor and support the disabled grappler community at the Grappler's Heart competition at BTT in Tustin, CA. This is an amazing tournament which was founded by a doctor who had experience and specialized himself in the disable community. These disabilities were things such as autism, retardation, muscle damage, spinal etc ..

Pasando Guardia was able to capture some images and interview some of the participants. They captured this in the video below.

It is certainly a great inspiration. Check the video:


Brian Freeman

Brian Freeman is a blue belt under Renzo Gracie. He had a car accident serving his country and the spinal injury left him in a wheelchair. Brian's comments:

Doing jiujitsu keeps me strong, I think I've never been healthier in my life despite my injury. Competition is not just about winning or losing, it is to prove to myself that I can do this and to inspire others. This tournament is one of my favorites. It's one of the few times I can compete with people who are adaptive warriors like me doing jiujitsu, It actually helps me to better develop jiujitsu. If I can do jiujitsu, anyone can. Try it, do not worry about the rest, rolling is doing more than sitting in around the house on the couch. I feel alive and there is no better feeling!



Kyle Maynard purple belt of Andre Galvao, was born without extremities. 

"These people are very tough. Jiujitsu is incredible, it is not so much about the physical, it is about the mind and the heart. In their academies training is not easy, we are all in such difficult situations daily. 

Jiujitsu Hug

Jiujitsu is an art of expression that saves lives. Especially people who need a little confidence and motivation in their daily life, regardless of their circumstances.


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