Deus and HHCF to partner on new Gi

Posted: Oct 24 2015


Mission Statement: We teach a blend of chess, performing arts and Brazilian jiu-jitsu to build the cognitive, creative and fitness levels of children across the world. 

Vision Statement: Fusing logic and the arts to unite minds and hearts. In 5 years, we hope to expand and open HHCF Community Education Centers in the top 10 American cities where violence and high school drop out rates are the highest.

The HIP HOP CHESS FEDERATION (HHCF) 501(c)(3) is one of the world’s most unique programming initiatives addressing youth ages 6 – 18.  HHCF Founder and Executive Director, Adisa Banjoko, continues to bolster his successful, well publicized and well documented approach to helping youth embrace and apply alternative strategies to obstacles in life by providing an engaging, interactive program that will help them cultivate the necessary life skills for success.

Since 2006, HHCF has introduced and taught thousands of youth the game of chess not only as a game of wit  but also as a metaphor for the importance of incorporating strategic thinking as a necessary process for making the right moves in life.  Over the years, HHCF has broaden its scope of programs to include performing arts, entrepreneurship and other creative outlets. Coupled with the practical philosophies and disciplined teaching of martial arts and framed in the many positive, but often underappreciated aspects of HIP-HOP Culture, HHCF continues to expand its educational outreach efforts throughout the United States. HHCF has spent many years deepening the valuable relationship it has forged with local schools and various community based organizations by being able to provide life enriching programming in a safe setting to youth who otherwise have limited access to high quality alternative learning, culture and arts experiences. The HHCF uses its unique program as a platform to promote the idea that every young person is High In Potential and has the capacity to Help Other People (HIP-HOP framed differently).  It is through this framework that a stronger community consciousness and academic achievement will be created and realized.

Research shows that student test scores improved by 17.3% when regularly engaged in chess classes, compared with only 4.6% for children participating in other forms of enriched activities.  In approximately 30 nations across the globe, including Brazil, China, Venezuela, Italy, Israel, Russia and Greece, etc., chess is incorporated into the country's scholastic curriculum. Just as athletics are a part of the required agenda at schools in the United States, chess has been that way in the European, Asian and African Nations abroad. Chess is a universal language for young people across the globe.


Over the years, the HHCF has engaged in a grassroots initiative to translate the technical elements of the game of chess into a language of applicable life skills for those who may not otherwise hear it. As a result, youth participants connected with HHCF learn to incorporate the values/skills of confidence, foresight, impulse control and cause and affect projection.  These skills carry over into the classroom, involvement in sports as well as the performing arts. HHCF has a solid track record of hosting a series of programming activities that include workshops, in depth pre and post chess tournament discussions/talkbacks, seminars and guest lectures from recognized chess grandmasters/mixed martial arts champions and positive celebrity Hip-Hop artists.   By partnering with other community agencies and local school administrators HHCF has deepen its reach within young communities in order to provide the life skill learning experiences necessary to navigate through the temptations and real world situations.

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