Paul Williams and DeuS to Collaborate

Posted: Mar 07 2015

Paul Williams a former Olympic medalist and professional boxer was on his way to becoming one of the great boxers of our time. But that came to an abrupt end in May of 2012 when he suffered a spinal cord injury after getting in a motorcycle accident. Little did Paul know at the time that this would impact his life in a he had never expected. With a positive attitude and faith that God's plan was greater than his own career, Paul now inspires others through his incredible story.

As a result of Paul's positive attitude and faith, he has turned his attention to helping others see the light at the end of the tunnel. He provides motivational speaking to enable others to discover their true potential and make their dreams come true, despite the hardships that may come. He knows this having lived through such a difficult experience himself. He now travels the country speaking to at risk youth, as well as, athletes showing that a positive attitude can take you place you've never dreamed of.

DeuS is truly blessed to play a part in his story. DeuS will be working on product and other collaborations with Paul and his foundation to help raise awareness and funds for his charity.

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