DeuS Fight Partners with the Mighty Oaks Warrior Program and

Posted: Feb 25 2015

DeuS Fight is honored to announce that they be working with such an amazing Christian organization that does incredible work for US military service men and women, as well as, their families. The DeuS Fight - MOWP partnership is one where DeuS will be designing products to help both raise funds and drive awareness to what Chad and his team are doing at Mighty Oaks. The products are currently in the development stage and the first will be announced during the Pan Am games which is scheduled this March in Irvine, CA.

About Mighty Oaks Warrior Program

The Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs (MOWP), began as a grass roots ministry out of WoodsEdge Community Church in Texas, and is a story of God’s transformational power to turn tragedy to triumph. It is a journey starting with one man’s brokenness after war, one women’s willingness to fight for her family, their faith in God’s promise that we can rise from the ashes and be Mighty Oaks of Righteousness… and the obedience of everyone afterwards bold enough to pursue God’s call.

Chad and Kathy’s testimony of overcoming the challenges posed by Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) after service in the War of Terror, led to their calling to assist individuals who are going through the same struggles they have experienced. In a moment where Chad felt called to do this work, he realized he wasn’t the only one who suffered. Countless other Combat Veterans faced the same challenges he did; ending in 23 suicides a day and over 80% of the families being divorced. Chad wondered to himself, “Why doesn’t someone do something about this,” and eventually realized that the answer was clear, “Why not me?”

Many great men stepped in to mentor Chad and Kathy past their struggles, but none more than Steve Toth and Pastor Jeff Wells of WoodsEdge Community Church. It was through this church that Chad and Kathy Robichaux were later ordained and commissioned by Pastor Jeff as ministers and sent to begin the Mighty Oaks ministry to America’s Military Warriors and Families. Mighty Oaks continues to preserve their foundational values with a grassroots approach while operating on a national level to empower veterans to not only begin healing, but to be a positive impact for the world around them.

In 2011, the first Men’s Fight Club took root in Westcliffe, Colorado with all non-active duty veterans. While initially developing the programs that would become Serving California’s Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs, they served alongside the Dave Roever Foundation for over a year.

As new Warriors attended Mighty Oaks Programs they continued to find hope and purpose beyond their service. Being challenged by a peer-to-peer model of the program, the Warriors continued to rise up to the challenge and grab hold of a future worth living again, and as the Warriors left they sent their brothers… this made the program grow rapidly. That growth led to a shift from the veteran community to a door being opened to reach service members still on Active Duty, where we began to receive Marines and Soldiers on official “military orders”.

During this time of growth in 2012, and increasing demand from the US Marine Corps Wounded Warrior Battalion West, Dave Roever introduced Chad to B. Wayne Hughes Jr. to explore the possibility of taking “Mighty Oaks” to El Paso De Robles, Ca, which translates to “the path of the oaks.” (We say this was a wink from God himself!) Wayne had a heart to see The Lord’s hand over our returning American Warriors, and wanted to run a Veteran’s program at his ranch – on the condition that if he liked the program, he’d build a lodge to host Mighty Oaks. The timing for the growth to support the Marine Corp could not have been better, and a partnership between Mighty Oaks and Serving California took root and SkyRose Lodge was built. Thus, SkyRose became the host home of the the Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs and the growing influx of Warriors and military families.

Today, Mighty Oaks has completely merged to become Serving California’s Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs and calls California home, however, we are empowering the Alumni to establish pre & post care “Outposts” across the country.

The Mighty Oaks Warrior Programs began with one church, as the local ministry of a family who wanted to help others in the same way that they had been helped in their fight against PTSD. We have expanded in location but our vision remains the same – to help veterans by challenging and equipping them, and empowering them to spread that help to the reach God has given them. Since 2011 we have served hundreds of warriors and have not lost one Alumni to suicide, and continue to work toward ending the horrific national veteran suicide statistic of 23 per day. Together, we can all strive toward the common goal of ending the war at home by finding a hope, a future and aligning with the very purpose for which God created us. We will continue to lead others to rise from the ashes and become Mighty Oaks!

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