DeuS Fight Partners with Susan G. Komen

Posted: Feb 02 2015

DeuS Fight just finished working at Tap Cancer Out's latest event and has decided to continue their Fight against Cancer. DeuS recently announced a partnership with Susan G. Komen. This partnership is for 2015. The partnership includes developing marketing strategies to help raise awareness and funds in the BJJ, wrestling, and Yoga communities. These are areas where Susan G. Komen is currently not very active. So both sides are very excited about the partnership.

DeuS Fight and the Komen team are also reviewing opportunities to co-brand select products in preparation for their Race of the Cure and breast cancer awareness month later in the year. DeuS Fight is excited to have been selected by such a prestigious charity and is looking forward to working with them on various initiatives.

Our first event is March 1, 2015 and will be with So Cal Women's BJJ. We will being doing an open mat forum for women.

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