Overcoming the Odds and Inspiring Others Through Jiu Jitsu

Posted: Dec 31 2014

Brian Freeman was frustrated and depressed about what he had accomplished. While he was happy that he had the opportunity to serve his country in the Navy, he was not happy with where he was and what he had done to make a difference in the world. One day, he dropped to his knees and prayed to God for the opportunity to make a real difference with his life... 2 months later he found himself in a hospital bed paralyzed. Was it a surgery gone wrong?

God's ways are not our ways. It's been over 7 years now and for the past year and a half, Brian's been inspiring others by what he does on and off the mat through Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Earlier this year, Brian's inspiring story made headlines on the news, you can check it out here . DeuS Fight was blessed to meet Brian and hear his story first hand. We were motivated by his positive outlook on life and overall humble personality. Brian is happy now and feels blessed that he can roll. It's a place where he can go and feel like he has no disability. "Brazilian Jiu Jitsu makes me feel like a normal human being," Brian says. He's on the ground the whole time. Who would have thought... certainly not him, as it was his daughter Katie who ultimately convinced him to take on the challenge. She believed in him when even he didn't. "She sees me as her dad, capable of doing anything."

To bring this full circle, Brian is now inspiring others to use the tools they have that God has given them to bring out their best. He is involved in the Jiu Jitsu community and making a difference. He certainly moved us and we are blessed to be working with him now. While Brian rolls with Royce Gracie's Academy, he has met and made many friends including Renzo Gracie a good friend and mentor. In fact, he recently received his Blue Belt from Renzo. It was a real honor.

Brian's story is only beginning. He will continue to motivate all of us and we look forward to watching him grow as an inspirational leader and martial artist over the many years to come.

To see what's going on with Brian, you can follow him on his instagram: @wheelchairjitsu

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