DeuS Fight collaborates with BudoVideos on Terere Episode of Rolled Up

Posted: Dec 26 2014

Last month the Budo team went down to Brazil to film their 43 episode of Rolled Up. DeuS Fight had the unique opportunity to work with them. You can check out their video here or on youtube.

About Rolled Up: Rolled Up is on YouTube and can best be described as where BJJ meets the travel channel. There you can follow Budo Jake as he travels the world and learns and trains with some of the best Jiu Jitsu playes on the planet. Great interviews, techniques and you'll always see Budo Jake get Rolled Up!

DeuS Fight is actively working with Terere and the Terere Kids Project. DeuS helps to fund their program through events and product proceeds. This provides the kids with Gi's and other products, supports their daily food program, and helps to sponsor their competitions. More information can be found here.

A special thanks to the Budo team for continuing to partner with us on events like this.

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