Deus Fight Works with Top Brother and Carly-Stowell Foundation to support CBPJJ

Posted: Nov 16 2014

In conjunction with the Carly Stowell Foundation, Deus Fight is working with Mastre Casquinha Cezar Guimaraes to support a number of athletes attending the CBPJJ. He runs Top Brother in Brazil and several affiliate non-profits in the favelas.

CBPJJ was founded on 25 May 2014 in the city of Santo André, São Paulo state. The CBPJJ works with communities, associations, clubs and the like to develop, direct, diffuse and encourage the practice of jiu-jitsu for athletes with physical disabilities, motor, visual, hearing and intellectual challenges.

The sport is called or considered Parajiu-Jitsu or BJJ Paradesportivo and it is used as a means of practicing Jiu-Jitsu for those with physical, motor, visual, hearing and/or intellectual disabilities.

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