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Posted: Oct 03 2014


At Christmas 2007, Kyra Gracie, social action, visited the Santa Clara Family in Vargem Grande, taking toys, clothing and caring for the children served. At that moment, along with Uncle Ryan, the athlete tetracampeã world of jiu-jitsu had the idea to offer the gentle art classes for 70 children who lived there.

In 2008, after the death of Ryan and Kyra's return to Brazil, the athlete saw it was time to begin to realize the dream he shared with his uncle and repay all that the sport had given him. In the carnival that year, amid fantasies, children from the Santa Clara community and earned a quimoninho the opportunity to tread new paths and learn the gentle art with a world champion.

The yearnings of Kyra went to meet the friend and manager Bruno Neves, who in the early 90s already operated in the rescue of citizenship families in extreme poverty, the Community Friendship Village, in the Recreation of the Bandeirantes.

Social work has always been present in the life of Bruno, which soon aroused the awareness that each citizen could spontaneously contribute to the inclusion of marginalized people in the society. In 2009 he was invited to meet NGO Social Action Frei Gaspar, Vargem Grande, and saw there the need to start a social work. Immediately felt it was the opportunity to leverage the project twenty years ago and fed help more effectively, those poor children. Practitioner of jiu-jitsu, saw in the sport the best way to make the dream reality.

In 2010, as a result of this partnership, the NGO Kapacidade Institute, which teaches the techniques of jiu-jitsu to underprivileged children Vargem Grande emerged. With sport as the main tool, the work aims to educate and empower children, while they recover their self-esteem. Currently, more than 150 children participating in the project.

"Sport teaches lessons such as respect, discipline and competitiveness. Besides being an important vehicle for the formation of good character and promoting citizen, "explains Bruno. "More than champions on the mat, we want to build champions in life," Kyra complete

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