Brazil trip

Posted: Sep 18 2014

DeuS in partnership with Budo Video's went down to Brazil to meet and film with Terere. Brazil is an amazing country with amazing people. It was not only an incredible experience just being there, it was also an amazing experience to get to know Terere. To know where he is from. Terere grew up in the poorest of the poor areas of the Favela's. His journey on the mat in the Jujitsu gym led him to be come one of the greatest of all time. Known as the "people's champion", Terere won many medals and was ranked at the very top. He went through enormous adversity, so his fall from grace was quite dramatic for the Jujitsu world. But, he pull his together, found the Lord and continues to use his life experience to make life for those in the Favela's more meaningful and to others giving them the opportunity to leave that life behind. His Terere Kid's program is that an much more. DeuS Fight is proud to be involved in this effort and is making differences in the program through our Gis4aGi program, as well as, monetary donations for many needs the kids have. To have witnessed this first hand is very humbling making our trip to Brazil that much more important to our cause.

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