Higher Ground doing amazing work in Tuscon, Arizona

Posted: Apr 12 2016

What is Higher Ground?

Deus Fight partners with Higher Ground to donate new and used Gi's. These will be used to support their Jiu Jitsu and grappling program. They serve over 300 at-risk youths in Tuscon, most of whom have experienced trauma and have lived in poverty from a very young age. Their grappling program is the most popular program they run attracting 50-60 kids every day. Starting off at a small church originally part of its youth ministry, this program has grown exponentially and they are now partnering with the local public school district to truly have an impact across the city.

Higher Ground is a Resource Center who's strategic plan is to build a replicable model of a resource community centers that will be a one stop place for people who need and provide services to the community. Higher Ground seeks to become more than just a place, but rather, a culture infecting catalyst that will create a system change in order to build up our communities and impact our city.

At Higher Ground they focus on the relationships with the people they serve. It is about an organic growth with a person's development as the focus of their work. They grow with people and help walk with them in every aspect of their lives. Just as they started in the living room of one man helping out a single mom and her son, they meet their families where they are at, and launch them into their potential. Click here to read more about their story. If you would like to donate,  Click here: DONATE. 

Because it is about people, their staff are the most important pieces of Higher Ground. Click here to read more about them.

It's not about success or numbers. It is about individual transformation that leads to community contribution. It's about building stronger collective impact in our community.

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They are guided by a simple but strong foundation of love, values, and ethics based on Christian principles. They start by recognizing the unlimited potential every individual possesses for a meaningful, responsible future. They work to convince each person to believe this is possible. As part of this foundation, every individual is taught a set of values, related to respect for others, self-control, and discipline in order to live a purposeful life.


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Reaching individuals, Transforming families, and Elevating the community one life at a time by showing love and building character.


Their vision is to support individuals in creating a selfless lifestyle that leaves a legacy for future generations. They want to see a resource center that promotes a different definition of success = generational community contribution.

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Their Purpose is to provide services that will invest in the mental, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical health of an individual to build a better tomorrow.


  • Giving Love – every individual is worth loving and deserve a nurturing environment that allows them to develop regardless of their background, behavior, or actions.

  • Teaching Self-control – every individual needs to understand the value of self-discipline and know how to act and control their emotions guided by a good character to become a contributor in the community.

  • Nurturing Passion - every individual needs an environment that allows them to pursue their vision/dream, teaching them skills to overcome any obstacles and have the determination for it.

  • Encouraging Vision - every individual needs a community where they can become positive contributors and have a happy, healthy, positive life no matter what circumstances are around them.

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